The modern office doesn’t have to be a 9 to 5 work place. In the last ten years the most important change to come about in the world of business has been the way in which computers and the internet have enabled us to start to work more at home, on the road or any place else. The Old way of doing things in the office is quickly becoming obsolete, as the 9 to 5 work office is starting to be seen as much more of a handicap than the standard for good business. Workers today should be given free access to the work office, allowing them to come and go as they please, be it weekends or nights. Numerous studies have found that the more flexibility office workers are given to accomplish their workloads on their own terms, the better the quality of the work they will end up producing. Working professional adults are not schools kids that need to be ridden constantly by their teachers in order to turn in their homework in time, professional adults are best left to their own devices and allowed to be responsible for the way in which they work. The modern office space should be little more than a home base through which the team can meet when the occasion calls for it, and through which the central command team can manage company events. Allowing workers to create their own schedules is perhaps the best choice that the modern manager can make.

Why can’t modern companies use a virtual office? Sites such as,, have been taking off in recent years with their virtual office services. Imagine if you will an office which provides all of the basic services that a company may have, yet is totally self-managed, you are imagining the modern virtual office. The outrageous costs of renting an office in the city today are so steep that most medium to small sized companies can’t even afford it. The virtual office is an amazing way to keep all the office benefits, while greatly reducing management responsibility and company cost.  The virtual office platform has long extended past its original target clients, and is now used by some of the biggest companies in the world. One of the beautiful things about the virtual office is that it can be designed to meet the exact needs of each individual company.  No company is too small or too large to be fit with the perfect virtual office.

Why not share an office? In the past, when office rentals were still relatively cheap, there was little need to rent an office with a partner from another sector of business, and even less so if the two companies didn’t share a like business target. Today, the need to unify with other companies just to be able to afford the offices that are needed is very real. Apart from the lowered cost of renting when an office is shred, the modern company may also prefer to share an office space thanks to the fact that it could help bring in business.

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